The True Foundation

The True Lacrosse Foundation provides first-time access to the sport of lacrosse, focusing on holistic support to the students we work with.

Our Mission

The True Lacrosse Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to break down the socio-economic barriers that limit access and entry to the game of lacrosse. The True Lacrosse Foundation fulfills its mission by reimagining the future of lacrosse through free year-round after-school programming and holistic support for youth from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Partnering with Title I schools, community centers, and park districts, the Foundation introduces instructional programming where lacrosse is traditionally not found, focused on foundational skills, mentorship, pride, and purpose.

Our Pillars of Support

Providing free year around after-school introductory programming to the sport of lacrosse.

Pairing students with mentors on and off the field to support their holistic growth.

Offering scholarship opportunities to support need based athletes in pursuing their passion for lacrosse through advanced or travel-based programs.

Academic support and structure through partnerships with schools and in-class tutors.

Equipment drives and gear support for athletes in need

Providing coaching and mentoring outlets for active, lacrosse-focused community leaders

Who We Are

Jake Deane

Founder of the True Lacrosse Foundation

Jake’s professional lacrosse career led him to Chicago where he met his teammate, Mike Gabel. They realized there was a lack of quality lacrosse organizations in the Midwest and founded True Lacrosse in 2008. In 2022 Jake and Mike wanted to fulfill their vision of what True Lacrosse can accomplish and founded The True Lacrosse Foundation with a vision of creating accessibility and support for students who traditionally don’t have access to lacrosse.

Thomas Moriarty

Executive Director, True Lacrosse Foundation

Thomas, a proud Maryland native, joined the True Lacrosse Foundation in Autumn 2023, bringing with him years of experience in youth non-profit work and project development. His passion for empowering youth began with teaching summer classes and leading field trips for students from Southeast D.C. Before joining The True Foundation, Thomas served as the program director and founder of the Mentor+ initiative for the Youth Leadership Foundation. The initiative aimed at establishing accessibility to after-school programs for students from lower-income households in the D.C. and Baltimore areas. Under his leadership, the initiative experienced remarkable annual growth, evolving from just a few students meeting twice weekly to one of the region’s foremost outdoor education and recreation programs. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science from Appalachian State University.


Board of Directors

Jim Lighthizer

Jim, a resident of Annapolis, MD, has dedicated more than three decades to excelling in the real estate industry. As the founder of the Chesapeake Real Estate Group, he has skillfully negotiated some of the region’s largest industrial transactions and actively supports youth lacrosse in the area, including providing assistance in unveiling the Moose Athletic Club.

Dennis Pousak

Since 1997, Dennis has owned and operated Dennis M. Pousak, P.C., following his tenure as an attorney with one of Michigan’s largest law firms. With over 30 years of experience in providing counsel on a broad spectrum of immigration needs, Dennis has served on several boards of both for-profit and non-profit entities throughout his career.

Jim Pursley

A Chicago resident and proud father of three boys, one of whom plays competitive lacrosse, Jim is the President of Hinge Health. Before joining Hinge, he served as the Chief Commercial Officer for Livongo Health, playing a key role in establishing the company as a global industry leader. Jim strongly believes in the value of sports in providing additional support and purpose to youth.

Jennifer M. Smoter

Jennifer, a proud mother of three boys, two of whom are competitive lacrosse players, serves as the Chief Communications Officer and Senior Vice President, at United Health Group. She is passionate about accessibility and youth development and brings years of experience from various leadership positions on non-profit boards dedicated to supporting youth.

Neil Nelson

Neil, who attended Boise State and fostered a passion for athletics in his youth, currently works with Engineered Structures, Inc., Idaho’s largest commercial construction company, serving as the company’s President. He is a staunch advocate for corporate and individual support for non-profit organizations. Neil has three children, all of whom played lacrosse at one time, and they all excel in Division One sports.

Andy Atterbury

The President and Co-Founder of Bowood Capital Advisors, Andy, also a proud father of his three children actively involved in competitive lacrosse, has developed a new passion for the sport. Andy is deeply committed to student growth and the power of youth recreation, holding positions as a Trustee of the Community School of Naples, FL, and a Trustee of the Atterbury Family Foundation.
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